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Ivy Hill is a fictional place, but there are many villages like it in England. I’ve based Ivy Hill’s layout on the National Trust village of Lacock in Wiltshire, which I’ve had the privilege of visiting a few times. Lacock was used as a film location for scenes in Pride & Prejudice (1995), Cranford (2007), Emma (1996), and recently, a market scene in Downton Abbey (season 6). Even though I am using Lacock as a basic model for Ivy Hill, I’ve placed the village farther south, on the old Devonport-London Royal Mail route, not far from Salisbury and the real village of Great Wishford.


Here are a few photos to help you imagine Ivy Hill.


A Series Introduction, by Author Julie Klassen

A Tour of Lacock Village, the Model for Ivy Hill

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